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Flynow began in 1983 with a small collection ladies' wear.
As it ascended to become one of the most recognized names in 
Thailand, we added our collection of leather merchandise which 
received An outstanding response. Since 1989, Flynow the leather 
has been one of our new lines. 

1995 was Flynow's debut at London Fashion Week. FLYNOW BLACK, 
the company's first export brand, enjoyed tremendous success. 
Accordingly , FLYNOW BLACK was also one of the top 5 designers 
of that season. Given how successful the show was, it was 
a matter of time until we started expanding to 
the south East Asian , Japanese and European markets.



Mr. Somchai is a founder, art director and head designer that is the man behind all successes of FLYNOW designers and business. Not only he is a talented designer but also a strategic business planner in himself. He has a vision at the age of 20 and confidently started to invest in his own design with first USD 8,000 and 14 workers.

Form then, his business has been leafs and bounds, from local to international, growing from small private business to a well known company under the name FLYNOW which has been well  accepted for 24 years in Thailand top fashionmarket. Creative design and self-confident is his uniqueness, the quality that shown through his first design code Black&White; two colors that breaks all boundaries in the meanings of sadness in Thai culture.
He has given the new face of fashion and new meaning to colors in Thai society ever since. His strong design has put him in the leader position and never a follower to any others, which has always been the priority of his design.His plans for the company are building from strength to strength. 

He has proven that his brand has become one of the well known brands in the local market and well accepted in the international fashion market. Today, his teams are continuing to develop FLYNOW to the best and be able to position themselves among the world’s famous brand listed.    

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